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Snapchat is a photo sharing application developed by two students from Stanford University. Users can use this application to take pictures, videos, add text and images. Users of Snapchat are called snubs. vvvvvvvvvvOne of its primary functions of Snapchat is that all the photos have a life span of 1…

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Google Chrome

As a freeware web browser developed by Google, Google Chrome is also the most popular browser for smartphones.With Chrome Browser app installed on tablet and mobile phone, you can quickly surf the Internet the way you do on the desktop.As one of the newest web browsers, Chrome Browser never stagnate…

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The official YouTube app for mobile phones is now redesigned – making it easier to explore what you really love. YouTube – the greatest video player in the web offers billions of users delight and joy to see what the world is watching. Users can subscribe to different channels from…

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Skype is a free instant messaging application that makes the communication more convenient and interesting. It supports video chat, voice meeting, text chat, file transfer, and other communication functions, which greatly satisfy users’ different needs and using habits. Users can start an audio conversation or make a domestic call or…

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The confusingly named Google Hangouts Chat is Google’s take on what a¬†business messaging app¬†should be. I say confusing because it’s different from the old Hangouts, and it’s not a “chat” app. It’s a proper team messaging space along the same lines of Slack and Microsoft Teams. This app, which is…

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